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git-annex-examinekey(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-examinekey(1)


git-annex-examinekey - prints information from a key


git annex examinekey [key ...]


This plumbing-level command is given a key, and prints information that can be determined purely by looking at the key.


Use custom output formatting.
The value is a format string, in which '${var}' is expanded to the value of a variable. To right-justify a variable with whitespace, use '${var;width}' ; to left-justify a variable, use '${var;-width}'; to escape unusual characters in a variable, use '${escaped_var}'
These variables are available for use in formats: key, backend, bytesize, humansize, keyname, hashdirlower, hashdirmixed, mtime (for the mtime field of a WORM key).
Also, '\n' is a newline, '\000' is a NULL, etc.
Enable JSON output. This is intended to be parsed by programs that use git-annex. Each line of output is a JSON object.
Enable batch mode, in which a line containing a key is read from stdin, the information about it is output to stdout, and repeat.


The location a key's value is stored (in indirect mode) can be looked up by running:

git annex examinekey $KEY --format='.git/annex/objects/${hashdirmixed}${key}/${key}'




Joey Hess <>