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dh_sphinxdoc - helps with packaging Sphinx-generated documentation


dh_sphinxdoc [debhelper options] [-Xitem] [directory...]


dh_sphinxdoc is a debhelper program that prepares Sphinx-generated documentation for inclusion in a Debian package. More specifically:
  • It checks if all the files referenced by searchindex.js exist.
  • It replaces known *.js files with symlinks to /usr/share/javascript/sphinxdoc/ and generates ${sphinxdoc:Depends} substitution variable.
  • If the Sphinx RTD theme is used, it replaces known files from this theme with symlinks to /usr/share/sphinx_rtd_theme/, and adds sphinx-rtd-theme-common to ${sphinxdoc:Depends}.
  • It provides a ${sphinxdoc:Built-Using} substitution variable, for tracking files which could not be symlinked. Examples of such files are *.js and *.css files that are generated from corresponding *.js_t and *.css_t templates, and can vary depending on the used theme options (for instance, basic.css file is generated from basic.css_t and is included in almost every Sphinx-generated documentation). Currently, this variable will contain sphinx and, if the default theme is used, alabaster, with their versions (other themes are not supported).
  • It removes the .doctrees directory.
  • It removes the .buildinfo file.
  • It removes the websupport.js file.

Note that dh_sphinxdoc does not build the documentation, it only performs the above operations when the documentation is already installed into the package build path. To build the docs, please use sphinx-build(1) command or python3 -m sphinx syntax.

You can pass --with sphinxdoc to dh(1) to make it automatically call dh_sphinxdoc after dh_installdocs.


By default, dh_sphinxdoc scans your package looking for directories looking like they contain Sphinx-generated documentation. However, if you explicitly provide one or more directories, only they will be processed. If documentation is not found at directory, an error is raised.
-Xitem, --exclude=item
Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being symlinked, removed or checked for existence.


Symlinking translations.js and non-English searchtools.js is not supported.


debhelper(7), dh(1).

This program is meant to be used together with debhelper.


Jakub Wilk <>