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BORG-COMMON(1) borg backup tool BORG-COMMON(1)


borg-common - Common options of Borg commands


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
work on log level CRITICAL
work on log level ERROR
work on log level WARNING (default)
--info, -v, --verbose
work on log level INFO
enable debug output, work on log level DEBUG
--debug-topic TOPIC
enable TOPIC debugging (can be specified multiple times). The logger path is borg.debug.<TOPIC> if TOPIC is not fully qualified.
-p, --progress
show progress information
Output one JSON object per log line instead of formatted text.
--lock-wait SECONDS
wait at most SECONDS for acquiring a repository/cache lock (default: 1).
show/log the borg version
show/log the return code (rc)
--umask M
set umask to M (local and remote, default: 0077)
--remote-path PATH
use PATH as borg executable on the remote (default: "borg")
--remote-ratelimit RATE
set remote network upload rate limit in kiByte/s (default: 0=unlimited)
treat part files like normal files (e.g. to list/extract them)
--debug-profile FILE
Write execution profile in Borg format into FILE. For local use a Python-compatible file can be generated by suffixing FILE with ".pyprof".
--rsh RSH
Use this command to connect to the 'borg serve' process (default: 'ssh')




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