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SUBUID(5) File Formats and Conversions SUBUID(5)


subuid - the subordinate uid file


Each line in /etc/subuid contains a user name and a range of subordinate user ids that user is allowed to use. This is specified with three fields delimited by colons (“:”). These fields are:
•login name
•numerical subordinate user ID
•numerical subordinate user ID count
This file specifies the user IDs that ordinary users can use, with the newuidmap command, to configure uid mapping in a user namespace.
Multiple ranges may be specified per user.


Per user subordinate user IDs.
Backup file for /etc/subuid.


login.defs(5), newgidmap(1), newuidmap(1), newusers(1), subgid(5), useradd(8), userdel(8), usermod(8), user_namespaces(7).
05/17/2017 shadow-utils 4.2