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PMAP(9) Kernel Developer's Manual PMAP(9)


machine-dependent portion of virtual memory subsystem


#include <sys/param.h>
#include <vm/vm.h>
#include <vm/pmap.h>


The pmap module is the machine-dependent portion of the FreeBSD VM (Virtual Memory) sub-system. Each function documented herein must have its own architecture-dependent implementation.
The pmap module is responsible for managing hardware-dependent objects such as page tables, address maps, TLBs, etc.
Machine-dependent code must provide the header file <machine/pmap.h>. This file contains the definition of the pmap structure:
struct pmap { 
        /* Contents defined by pmap implementation. */ 
typedef struct pmap *pmap_t;
This header file may also define other data structures used by the pmap implementation.
The header file <vm/pmap.h> defines a structure for tracking pmap statistics (see below). This structure is defined as:
struct pmap_statistics { 
        long        resident_count; /* number of mapped pages */ 
        long        wired_count;    /* number of wired pages */ 
The implementation's struct pmap must contain an instance of this structure having the name pm_stats, and it must be updated by the implementation after each relevant pmap operation.


pmap(9), pmap_activate(9), pmap_clear_modify(9), pmap_clear_reference(9), pmap_copy(9), pmap_copy_page(9), pmap_enter(9), pmap_extract(9), pmap_extract_and_hold(9), pmap_growkernel(9), pmap_init(9), pmap_init2(9), pmap_is_modified(9), pmap_is_prefaultable(9), pmap_map(9), pmap_mincore(9), pmap_object_init_pt(9), pmap_page_exists_quick(9), pmap_page_init(9), pmap_page_protect(9), pmap_pinit(9), pmap_pinit0(9), pmap_pinit2(9), pmap_protect(9), pmap_qenter(9), pmap_qremove(9), pmap_release(9), pmap_remove(9), pmap_remove_all(9), pmap_remove_pages(9), pmap_resident_count(9), pmap_ts_modified(9), pmap_unwire(9), pmap_wired_count(9), pmap_zero_area(9), pmap_zero_idle(9), pmap_zero_page(9), vm_map(9)


This manual page was written by Bruce M Simpson ⟨⟩.
July 18, 2014 Debian