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<alloca.h>: Allocate space in the stack(3avr) avr-libc <alloca.h>: Allocate space in the stack(3avr)


<alloca.h>: Allocate space in the stack -


void * alloca (size_t __size)

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void* alloca (size_t__size)

Allocate __size bytes of space in the stack frame of the caller. This temporary space is automatically freed when the function that called alloca() returns to its caller. Avr-libc defines the alloca() as a macro, which is translated into the inlined __builtin_alloca() function. The fact that the code is inlined, means that it is impossible to take the address of this function, or to change its behaviour by linking with a different library.
alloca() returns a pointer to the beginning of the allocated space. If the allocation causes stack overflow, program behaviour is undefined.
Avoid use alloca() inside the list of arguments of a function call.


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