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APT-MIRROR(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation APT-MIRROR(1)


apt-mirror - apt sources mirroring tool


apt-mirror [configfile]


A small and efficient tool that lets you mirror a part of or the whole Debian GNU/Linux distribution or any other apt sources.
Main features:
* It uses a config similar to APT's sources.list
* It's fully pool compliant
* It supports multithreaded downloading
* It supports multiple architectures at the same time
* It can automatically remove unneeded files
* It works well on an overloaded Internet connection
* It never produces an inconsistent mirror including while mirroring
* It works on all POSIX compliant systems with Perl and wget


apt-mirror uses /etc/apt/mirror.list as a configuration file. By default it is tuned to official Debian or Ubuntu mirrors. Change it for your needs.
After you setup the configuration file you may run as root:
    # su - apt-mirror -c apt-mirror
Or uncomment the line in /etc/cron.d/apt-mirror to enable daily mirror updates.


Main configuration file
Cron configuration template
Mirror places here
Place for temporarily downloaded indexes
Log files placed here. URLs and MD5 checksums also here.


The mirror.list configuration supports many options, the file is well commented explaining each option. Here are some sample mirror configuration lines showing the various supported ways:
Normal: deb stable main contrib non-free
Arch Specific: (many other architectures are supported) deb-powerpc stable main contrib non-free
HTTP and FTP Auth or non-standard port: deb stable main contrib non-free
HTTPS with sending Basic HTTP authentication information (plaintext username and password) for all requests: (this was default behaviour of Wget 1.10.2 and prior and is needed for some servers with new version of Wget) set auth_no_challenge 1 deb stable main contrib non-free
HTTPS without checking certificate: set no_check_certificate 1 deb stable main contrib non-free
Source Mirroring: deb-src stable main contrib non-free


Dmitry N. Hramtsov <> Brandon Holtsclaw <>
2014-04-12 perl v5.18.2