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x2gostartagent(8) X2Go Server Tool x2gostartagent(8)


x2gostartagent - Start a New X2Go Session


x2gostartagent <geometry> <link_quality> <nx_pack_meth> <cache_type+dpi> <kblayout> <kbtype> <setkbd> <session_type> <command>


x2gostartagent coordinates the startup process of a new X2Go session. It expects quite a list of parameters, all of which are obligatory.

x2gostartagent is run with X2Go user privileges and normally executed by an X2Go client application.


Session window size on screen (allowed values: <width>x<height> or fullscreen).
Any value out of: modem, isdn, adsl, wan or lan.
NX compression method (see below for possible values).
Cache type and color depth for X2Go session window. The most common value is: unix-kde-depth_24 where ,,24'' is the color depth in bit.
Keyboard layout (e.g. us, de, etc.).
Keyboard type/model (e.g. pc105/us).
Force setting keyboard layout and type within the X2Go session on startup. Values: 0 or 1.
Allowed values for <session_type> are: D (desktop), R (rootless) or S (shadow session, X2Go desktop sharing).
The command given by the <command> argument is only used to create the session ID for this new X2Go session. The actual execution of a command is handled by x2goruncommand.


A list of session attributes is returned after successful session startup. Session attributes will be presented on a line-by-line basis:

<X_display_number> <session_cookie_hash> <agent_pid> <session_id> <graphics_port> <sound_port> <sshfs_port>


As NX compression methods (<link-quality> argument) the following values are possible. The % character must be replaced by a digit 0-9.

nopack, 8, 64, 256, 512, 4k, 32k, 64k, 256k, 2m, 16m 256-rdp, 256-rdp-compressed, 32k-rdp, 32k-rdp-compressed, 64k-rdp 64k-rdp-compressed, 16m-rdp, 16m-rdp-compressed rfb-hextile, rfb-tight, rfb-tight-compressed 8-tight, 64-tight, 256-tight, 512-tight, 4k-tight, 32k-tight 64k-tight, 256k-tight, 2m-tight, 16m-tight 8-jpeg-%, 64-jpeg, 256-jpeg, 512-jpeg, 4k-jpeg, 32k-jpeg 64k-jpeg, 256k-jpeg, 2m-jpeg, 16m-jpeg-% 8-png-jpeg-%, 64-png-jpeg, 256-png-jpeg, 512-png-jpeg, 4k-png-jpeg 32k-png-jpeg, 64k-png-jpeg, 256k-png-jpeg, 2m-png-jpeg, 16m-png-jpeg-% 8-png-%, 64-png, 256-png, 512-png, 4k-png 32k-png, 64k-png, 256k-png, 2m-png, 16m-png-% 16m-rgb-%, 16m-rle-%


x2goruncommand(8), x2goresume-session(8), x2gosuspend-session(8), x2goterminate-session(8)


This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the X2Go project (
Nov 2017 Version