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niftitodicom - vtk-dicom CLI



niftitodicom -o directory file.nii [file.dcm ...]


The output directory.
Do not print anything while executing.
Verbose error reporting.
Copy source metadata nearly verbatim.
Never reorder slices, rows, or columns.
Produce axial slices.
Produce coronal slices.
Produce sagittal slices.
Textual description of the series.
The series number to use.
The modality: MR or CT or SC.
A DICOM uid prefix (optional).
Print the version and exit.
Print source and build version.
Documentation for niftitodicom.

This program will convert a NIfTI file into a DICOM series.

It reads the NIfTI file header and does the best job that it can to generate a series of DICOM files. To help it along, you can provide a DICOM file from the same series on the command line after the NIfTI file, or even better, list all of the DICOM files that were used as the source of the data in the NIfTI file. Study-related meta data will be copied from these DICOM files into the output DICOM files.

Unless the --no-reordering option is provided, it will ensure that the images are in the usual orientation (right is left, posterior is down) by reordering the columns or rows as compared to the NIFTI file.

If the NIFTI file is floating-point, then the data might be rescaled when written to DICOM as 16-bit integers. If any data values are too large to fit into 16 bits, then all the data will be scaled down. If the data values all have a magnitude smaller than 2.05, then all the data will be scaled up by a factor of 1000.


This manual page was written by Mathieu Malaterre <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used by others.

June 2022 niftitodicom 0.8.13