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markad(1) A program for the Video Disk Recorder markad(1)


MarkAd - marks advertisements in VDR recordings.


markad [options]


MarkAd marks advertisements in VDR recordings.


Usage: markad [options] cmd <record>
-b , --background
markad runs as a background-process this will be automatically set if called with "after"
-d , --disable=<option>
<option> 1 = disable video decoding, 2 = disable audio decoding, 3 = disable video and audio decoding
-i , --ignoreinfo=<info>
ignores hints from info(.vdr) file <info> 4 = ignore timer info
-l , --logocachedir
directory where logos stored, default /var/lib/markad
-p , --priority=<priority>
software priority of markad when running in background <priority> from -20...19, default 19
-r , --ioprio=<class>[,<level>]
io priority of markad when running in background <class> 1 = realtime, <level> from 0..7, default 4 2 = besteffort, <level> from 0..7, default 4 3 = idle (default)
-v , --verbose
increments loglevel by one, can be given multiple times
-B , --backupmarks
make a backup of existing marks
-G , --genindex
regenerate index file
-I , --saveinfo
correct information in info file
-L , --extractlogo=<direction>[,width[,height]]
extracts logo to /tmp as pgm files (must be renamed) <direction> 0 = top left, 1 = top right 2 = bottom left, 3 = bottom right [width] range from 50 to 480, default 192 (SD) default 288 (HD) [height] range from 20 to 250, default 100 (SD) default 180 (HD)
-O , --OSD
markad sends an OSD-Message for start and end
-R , --log2rec
write logfiles into recording directory
-T , --threads=<number>
number of threads used for decoding, max. 16 (default is the number of cpus)
-V , --version
print version-info and exit
sets loglevel to the specified value <level> 1=error 2=info 3=debug 4=trace
set a different markfile-name
disables creation of file in recdir
--online[=1|2] ( default is 1 )
start markad immediately when called with "before" as cmd if online is 1, markad starts online for live-recordings only, online=2 starts markad online for every recording live-recordings are identified by having a '@' in the filename so the entry 'Mark instant recording' in the menu Setup - Recording of the vdr should be set to 'yes'
process only first pass, setting of marks
process only second pass, fine adjustment of marks
--svdrphost=<ip/hostname> ( default is )
ip/hostname of a remote VDR for OSD messages
--svdrpport=<port> ( default is 6419 )
port of a remote VDR for OSD messages

cmd: one of - dummy-parameter if called directly after markad starts to analyze the recording before markad exits immediately if called with "before edited markad exits immediately if called with "edited" nice runs markad with nice(19) <record> is the name of the directory where the recording is stored


Written by Jochen Dolze <>


Report bugs to


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. See the file COPYING for more information.
25 May 2012 0.1.4