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ubertooth-util - general purpose Ubertooth utility


ubertooth-util [-abcdefghijk-ellemenop-qrstuvwxyZ]


ubertooth-util(1) is a catch-all tool for doing generally useful things with, to, and about Ubertooth. To get firmware revision and compile information, run:

ubertooth-util -vV

To fully reset Ubertooth, run:

ubertooth-util -r

Other options are available for modifying LED states, setting channel, and performing miscellaneous radio-related actions. Refer to the [OPTIONS][] section for full details.

The utility also includes a simple range test tool for use with two Uberteeth. Refer to [RANGE TEST][] for full details.


Common options:
  • -v : get firmware revision number
  • -V : get compile info
  • -I : identify ubertooth device by flashing all LEDs
  • -d[0-1] : get/set all LEDs
  • -l[0-1] : get/set USR LED
  • -S : stop current operation
  • -r : full reset
  • -U<0-7> : set ubertooth device to use

Radio options:

  • -a[0-7] : get/set power amplifier level
  • -c[2400-2483] : get/set channel in MHz
  • -C[0-78] : get/set channel
  • -q[1-225 (RSSI threshold)] : start LED spectrum analyzer
  • -t : intitiate continuous transmit test
  • -z : set squelch level

Range test:

  • -e : start repeater mode
  • -m : display range test result
  • -n : initiate range test


  • -f : activate flash programming (DFU) mode
  • -i : activate In-System Programming (ISP) mode
  • -b : get hardware board id number
  • -p : get microcontroller Part ID
  • -s : get microcontroller serial number


Using two Uberteeth it is possible to perform a range test. One Ubertooth acts as a repeated by running:

ubertooth-util -e

A second Ubertooth (the sender) initiates the range test by running:

ubertooth-util -n

During the range test the sender Ubertooth will transmit data packets at increasing power level, listening for repeats from the repeater Ubertooth. The receiving Ubertooth will validate that the received data was not corrupted in flight.

The range test results can be displayed on the sender Ubertooth's system by running:

ubertooth-util -m

Note that the range test transmits the Cortex M3 microcontroller's serial number. If you do not wish to broadcast that information wirelessly, do not use the range test functionality.


ubertooth(7): overview of Project Ubertooth


This manual page was written by Mike Ryan.


ubertooth-util(1) is Copyright (c) 2010-2017. This tool is released under the GPLv2. Refer to COPYING for further details.
March 2017 Project Ubertooth