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Tcl_InitSubsystems(3tcl) Tcl Library Procedures Tcl_InitSubsystems(3tcl)


Tcl_InitSubsystems - initialize the Tcl library.


#include <tcl.h>

const char *


The Tcl_InitSubsystems procedure initializes the Tcl library. This procedure is typically invoked as the very first thing in the application's main program.

The result of Tcl_InitSubsystems is the full Tcl version (e.g., "9.0.0").

Tcl_InitSubsystems is very similar in use to Tcl_FindExecutable. It can be used when Tcl is used as utility library, no other encodings than utf-8, iso8859-1 or unicode are used, and no interest exists in the value of info nameofexecutable. The system encoding will not be extracted from the environment, but falls back to utf-8.


binary, executable file

8.7 Tcl