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tapset::floatingpoint - systemtap floatingpoint tapset


Convert 64 bit floating point to string
See function::fp_to_string(3stap)
for details.
Convert the given string into floating point
See function::string_to_fp(3stap)
for details.
Convert long int to 64 bit floating point
See function::long_to_fp(3stap)
for details.
Convert fp to int64
See function::fp_to_long(3stap)
for details.
Addition between floating points
See function::fp_add(3stap)
for details.
Subtraction between floating points
See function::fp_sub(3stap)
for details.
Multiplication between floating points
See function::fp_mul(3stap)
for details.
fp divide
See function::fp_div(3stap)
for details.
Floating point division
See function::fp_rem(3stap)
for details.
Floating point square root
See function::fp_sqrt(3stap)
for details.
fp comparison function equal
See function::fp_eq(3stap)
for details.
Check if first fp is less than or equal to
See function::fp_le(3stap)
for details.
fp comparison function less than
See function::fp_lt(3stap)
for details.
Convert fp32 to 64 bit floating point
See function::fp32_to_fp64(3stap)
for details.


function::fp_to_string(3stap), function::string_to_fp(3stap), function::long_to_fp(3stap), function::fp_to_long(3stap), function::fp_add(3stap), function::fp_sub(3stap), function::fp_mul(3stap), function::fp_div(3stap), function::fp_rem(3stap), function::fp_sqrt(3stap), function::fp_eq(3stap), function::fp_le(3stap), function::fp_lt(3stap), function::fp32_to_fp64(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap)

May 2021 SystemTap Tapset Reference