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sy-up(1) General Commands Manual sy-up(1)


sy-up - uploads changes in local Syncany folder to remote repository


sy up [-R | --no-resume] [<status-options>]


This command detects changes in the local folder, indexes new files and uploads changes to the remote repository. If there are local changes, the command determines what has changed, packages these changes in new multichunks, and uploads them to the remote storage alongside with a delta metadata database.

To determine the local changes, the ´status´ command is used. All options of the ´status´ command can also be used in this command.

If there are no local changes, the ´up´ command will not upload anything - no multichunks and no metadata.

If this command is interrupted during the upload phase, it will try to resume the upload unless -R is given. An interrupted upload can only be resumed if the last ´up´ failed and no ´down´ or ´cleanup´ has been done since then.


-R, --no-resume

With this option, ´up´ will not attempt to resume a locally stored transaction. Without this option, an interrupted upload will be resumed.

All arguments of the ´status´ command can be used.


Syncany 0.4.9-alpha, Distributed under GPLv3, Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Philipp C. Heckel