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sy-down(1) General Commands Manual sy-down(1)


sy-down - fetch remote changes from Syncany repository and apply locally


sy down [-C | --conflict-strategy=<rename|ask>] [-A | --no-apply]


This command detects changes made by other clients and applies them locally. If there are remote changes, the command downloads the relevant metadata, evaluates which multichunks are required and then downloads them. It then determines what files need to be created, moved, changed or deleted, and performs these actions, if possible.

In some cases, file conflicts may occur if the local file differs from the expected file. If that happens, this command can either automatically rename conflicting files and append a filename suffix, or it can ask the user what to do.

To determine the remote changes, the ´ls-remote´ command is used.


-A, --no-apply

All local file system actions are skipped, i.e. the local folder will not be changed. Only the new/unknown database versions will be downloaded and persisted to the database.

-C, --conflict-strategy=<rename|ask>

Chooses the conflict resolve strategy if a local file does not match the expected local file (as per the local database). The conflict strategy describes the behavior of this command.

* The ´rename´ strategy automatically renames conflicting files to a
conflicting file name (e.g. "Italy (Philipp´s conflicted copy).txt").

* The ´ask´ strategy lets the user decide whether to keep the local file,
apply the remote file, or create a conflicting file (as above).

The default strategy is ´rename´. The ´ask´ strategy is currently NOT implemented!


Syncany 0.4.9-alpha, Distributed under GPLv3, Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Philipp C. Heckel