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EDIT_LIST.CONF(5) sympa 6.2.58 EDIT_LIST.CONF(5)


edit_list.conf - Configuration of privileges to edit list configuration


edit_list.conf defines privileges to edit list configuration.

$SYSCONFDIR/edit_list.conf is main configuration. Several parameters defined in this file may be overridden by $SYSCONFDIR/<mail domain name>/edit_list.conf file for each mail domain, or by <list config directory>/edit_list.conf file for each mailing list.

Format of edit_list.conf is as following:

  • Lines beginning with "#" and containing only spaces are ignored.
  • Each line has the form "parameter name role privilege".

parameter name is a list parameter name (e.g. "max_size"), paragraph name ("owner") or subparameter (""). It may be a name of template (e.g. "welcome.tt2") or list configuration file ("message.header") except main configuration file ("config").

role is any of "listmaster", "privileged_owner", "owner" or "editor". Multiple roles have to be separated by comma ("","").

privilege is "write", "read" or "hidden".

Lines are checked in order, then matched line at the first time wins. Default privilege may be specified with special parameter name "default".


Distribution default. This file should not be edited.
$SYSCONFDIR/<mail domain name>/edit_list.conf
$EXPLDIR/<list name>/edit_list.conf or $EXPLDIR/<mail domain name>/<list name>/edit_list.conf
Configuration files for site-wide default, by each domain or each list.




This document was initially written by IKEDA Soji <>.

2020-12-30 6.2.58