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Sympa::Spool::Auth(3Sympa) sympa 6.2.58 Sympa::Spool::Auth(3Sympa)


Sympa::Spool::Auth - Spool for held requests waiting for moderation


  use Sympa::Spool::Auth;
  my $spool = Sympa::Spool::Auth->new;
  my $request = Sympa::Request->new(...);
  my $spool = Sympa::Spool::Auth->new(
      context => $list, action => 'add');
  my $size = $spool->size;
  my $spool = Sympa::Spool::Auth->new(
      context => $list, keyauth => $id, action => 'add');
  my ($request, $handle) = $spool->next;


Sympa::Spool::Auth implements the spool for held requests waiting for moderation.


See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spool.

Context may be either instance of Sympa::List or Sympa::Family, or robot.
If the pairs describing metadatas are specified, contents returned by next() are filtered by them.

Order of items returned by next() is controlled by time of submission.

Does nothing.

Context and metadata

See also "Marshaling and unmarshaling metadata" in Sympa::Spool.

This class particularly gives following metadata:

Action requested. 'add' etc.
Unix time when the request was submitted.
E-mail of user who submitted the request, or target e-mail of the request.
Authentication key generated automatically when the request is stored to spool.


Following site configuration parameters in sympa.conf will be referred.

Directory path of held request spool.

Note: Named such by historical reason.


sympa_msg(8), wwsympa(8), Sympa::Request, Sympa::Spool.


Sympa::Spool::Request appeared on Sympa 6.2.10. It was renamed to Sympa::Spool::Auth on Sympa 6.2.13.

2020-12-30 6.2.58