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Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage(3Sympa) sympa 6.2.58 Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage(3Sympa)


Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage - Workflow to authorize messages bound for lists


Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage authorizes messages and stores them into confirmation spool, moderation spool or the lists.

  • Messages fetched from incoming ("msg") spool or held ("auth") spool may be passed to this class (messages fetched from moderation spool won't be passed to this class).
  • Then this class checks the message with "send" scenario.
  • According to the results of scenario processing, each message is passed to any of classes for succeeding processing: Sympa::Spindle::DistributeMessage for "do_it" (except if tagging topics is required or when personalization failed); Sympa::Spindle::ToHeld for "request_auth" (except if personalization failed); Sympa::Spindle::ToModeration for "editorkey" (except if personalization failed); Sympa::Spindle::ToEditor for "editor"; otherwise reject it.

If the message was confirmed, i.e. it has been fetched from held spool and at last decided to be distributed, "X-Validation-By" header field is added. If the message at last will be distributed, "{shelved}" attribute (see Sympa::Message) is added as necessity.

Public methods

See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spindle.

In most cases, Sympa::Spindle::DoMessage splices messages to this class. This method is not used in ordinal case.
Not implemented.



Sympa::Message, Sympa::Scenario, Sympa::Spindle::DistributeMessage, Sympa::Spindle::DoMessage, Sympa::Spindle::ProcessHeld, Sympa::Spindle::ToEditor, Sympa::Spindle::ToHeld, Sympa::Spindle::ToModeration, Sympa::Spool::Topic.


Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage appeared on Sympa 6.2.13.

2020-12-30 6.2.58