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Sympa::Config::Schema(3Sympa) sympa 6.2.58 Sympa::Config::Schema(3Sympa)


Sympa::ListDef - Definition of list configuration parameters


This module keeps definition of configuration parameters for each list.

Global variable

Deprecated by Sympa 6.2.16.
This hash COMPLETELY defines ALL list parameters. It is then used to load, save, view, edit list config files.

List parameters format accepts the following keywords :


Introduced on Sympa 6.2.57b.

Regexp applied to the configuration file entry. Or arrayref containing all possible values of parameter.

Or, if the parameter is paragraph, value of this item is a hashref containing definitions of sub-parameters.

See also "Node types" in Sympa::List::Config.

Template of regexp applied to the configuration file entry; see also "format".

Subpatterns $word indicate the name of pattern defined in Sympa::Regexps.

This was introduced on Sympa 6.2.19b.2.

Config file format of the parameter might not be the same in memory.
Character used to separate multiple parameters. Used with the set or the array of scalars.
Length of a scalar variable ; used in web forms.
Tells that the parameter is a scenario, providing its name.
Default value for the param ; may be a robot configuration parameter (conf).

If occurrence is "0-1" or "0-n", default value will be assigned only when list is created or new node is added to configuration.

Template of constant used as default value in configuration file entry; see also "default".

Subpatterns $WORD indicate the name of constant defined in Sympa::Constants.

Defines synonyms for parameter values (for compatibility reasons).
Unit of the parameter ; this is used in web forms and refers to translated strings in NLS catalogs.
Occurrence of the parameter in the config file possible values: "0-1", 1, "0-n" and "1-n". Example: A list may have multiple owner.

See also "Node types" in Sympa::List::Config.

Title reference in NLS catalogs.
Description text of a parameter.
Group of parameters.
Obsolete parameter ; should not be displayed nor saved.

As of 6.2.16, if the value is true value and is not 1, defines parameter alias name mainly for backward compatibility.


Defined obsolete values for a parameter. These values should not get proposed on the web interface edition form.

Order of parameters within paragraph.
Indicates that the parameter is an internal parameter that should always be saved in the config file.
Used to special treatment of parameter value to show it.
Day of week, 0 - 6.
Language tag.
The value to be concealed.
Reception mode of list member.
Status of list.
List topic.
The time in second from Unix epoch.
Visibility mode of list member.

Most of field types were introduced on Sympa 6.2.17.

See "Filters" in Sympa::List::Config.

Introduced on Sympa 6.2.17.

See "Validations" in Sympa::List::Config.

Introduced on Sympa 6.2.17.

Dynamically assigned. Privilege for specified user: 'write', 'read' or 'hidden'.

Introduced on Sympa 6.2.17.

Automatically assigned. TBD.

Introduced on Sympa 6.2.17.

Conf file where the parameter is defined. "wwsympa.conf" is a synonym of "sympa.conf". It remains there in order to migrating older versions of config.
'db_first', 'file_first' or 'no'. TBD.


list_config(5), Sympa::List::Config, Sympa::ListOpt.

sympa.conf(5), robot.conf(5).


Sympa::ListDef was separated from List module on Sympa 6.2. On Sympa 6.2.57b, its content was moved to Sympa::Config::Schema.

confdef was separated from Conf on Sympa 6.0a, and renamed to Sympa::ConfDef on 6.2a.39. On Sympa 6.2.57b, its content was moved to Sympa::Config::Schema.

Descriptions of parameters in this source file were partially taken from chapters "sympa.conf parameters" in Sympa, Mailing List Management Software - Reference manual, written by Serge Aumont, Stefan Hornburg, Soji Ikeda, Olivier Salauen and David Verdin.

2020-12-30 6.2.58