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STK-DEMO(1) General Commands Manual STK-DEMO(1)


stk-demo - Sound Synthesis Toolkit demo application


stk-demo Instrument [options]


The stk-demo program demonstrates several of the algorithms that are built into the Sound Synthesis Toolkit (STK). The stk-demo is a command line program, but it has a GUI frontend called STKDemo. Use STKDemo if you want to try out the different synthesis algorithms implemented in STK.

The stk-demo program can be used to build your own synthesizer/sequencer combination. The program is listening to SKINI commands on stdin.

Instrument can be one of the following:

Clarinet, BlowHole, Saxofony, Flute, Brass, BlowBotl, Bowed, Plucked, StifKarp, Sitar, Mandolin, Rhodey, Wurley, TubeBell, HevyMetl, PercFlut, BeeThree, FMVoices, VoicForm, Moog, Simple, Drummer, BandedWG, Shakers, ModalBar, Mesh2D, Resonate, Whistle

Simultaneous multiple output types are supported. Likewise, simultaneous control input types are supported. SKINI formatted scorefiles can be piped or redirected to stk-demo, though realtime control flags should be omitted when doing so. If the optional <file names> are not specified, default names will be indicated. Each flag must include its own '-' sign.


-s RATE to specify a sample rate

specifies the number of voices to allocate
for .wav audio output file
for .snd audio output file
for .mat audio output file
for .aif audio output file
for realtime audio output
for realtime control input by pipe
for realtime control input by socket
for realtime control input by MIDI,


/usr/share/doc/stk-doc in the stk-doc package.


This manual page was written for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

August 13, 2004