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SRT-TUNNEL(1) General Commands Manual SRT-TUNNEL(1)


srt-tunnel - tunnel an SRT connection between two URIs


srt-tunnel < listen-uri > < call-uri >


SRT Tunnel is a typical tunnelling application, that is, it simply passes the transmission from a given endpoint to another endpoint in both directions.

Tunnels can be also “chained”, that is, there can be more than one tunnel on the way between the real peers.

This tunnel application can use both TCP and SRT as endpoint type and the typically predicted use case is to hand over the transmission for SRT for a longer distance, leaving TCP close to the caller and listener locations.

The srt-tunnel command line accepts two argument, beside the options:

Listener: the URI at which this tunnel should await connections

Caller: where this tunnel should connect when its Listener connected


logging level, default:error
logging Functional Area enabled
piece of data amount read at once, default=4096 bytes
display transmission details
exit without waiting for data to complete




This manual page was written by Florian Ernst <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).