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spatialite_network(1) spatialite_network(1)


spatialite_network - analysis/validation tool for topological networks


[-h] [-d pathname] [-T table_name] [-f col_name] [-t col_name] [-g col_name] [-c col_name] [--a-star-supported | --a-star-excluded] [-n col_name] [--bidirectional | --unidirectional [--oneway-tofrom col_name] [--oneway-fromto col_name] ] [-o table_name] [--overwrite-output]


spatialite_network is an analysis / validation tool for topological networks


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the SpatiaLite db path
the db table to be validated
the column for FromNode
the column for ToNode
the column for Geometry
the column for Cost

if omitted, GLength(g) will be used by default

support the A* algorithm (default)
no support for the A* algorithm
the column for RoadName
assume bidirectional arcs (default)
don't assume bidirectional arcs

if *bidirectional* each arc connecting FromNode to ToNode is implicitly connecting ToNode to FromNode as well; in this case you can select the following further options: --oneway-tofrom & --oneway-fromto

OneWay To->From column name
OneWay From->To column name

both columns are expected to contain BOOLEAN values [1-0]; 1 means that the arc connection in the given direction is valid, otherwise 0 means a forbidden connection

create a permanent NETWORK-DATA table
drop and recreate table_name if it exists
25 July 2023