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MTCVTV23(1) General Commands Manual MTCVTV23(1)


mtcvtv23 - convert tape image in pre v2.3 SIMH .tpc format to current format


mtcvtv23 FILE ...


mtcvtv23 converts tape images in the .tpc format used by SIMH versions before 2.3 to the .tap magnetic tape container format used by later SIMH and other emulators. Multiple files can be given and the result of the conversion is stored in a file of the same name with the extension changed to ".tap".

The .tpc tape format consists of blocks of a 2 byte record lengths followed by the specified number of bytes with a 0 record length indicating end of file. A similar conversion program exists as tpc2mt(1) with the difference that it reads the exact number of bytes from the data part of a record whereas this expects records of odd length to be padded to even length.


mt2tpc(1), gt7cvt(1), tp512cvt(1), tpc2mt(1), /usr/share/doc/simh/simh_magtape.pdf
2017-10-15 simtools