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CPYTAP(1) General Commands Manual CPYTAP(1)


cpytap - manipulate .tap magtape container files used by SIMH while copying




cpytap manipulates a .tap magtape container file used by SIMH. It copies an existing .tap file SRC to a newly created .tap file DEST while modifying its file level contents. While performing the copy, individual files may be skipped or replaced and new files may be inserted at specified positions or appended after the last source file has been copied. For files which are copied between the source and destination tapes, the internal record structure of each file is maintained. Replacement or inserted/appended files may only be written with a specified maximum record size.

Files on the source tape are numbered 1 - n.

When multiple -I commands reference the same source tape file or there are multiple -A commands, the files will be written to the destination tape in the order specified on the command line. If a -R command and a -I command reference the same source tape file, the -R file will be written first followed by the -I file(s).

The editing control tables are pre-built into the executable. Edit commands may be issued for files 1 - 100, subsequent files will just be copied from source to destination. There may be up to 20 -I commands for each source tape file and up to 20 -A commands.


-r LEN
Max record size to be used when writing new files to the destination tape. (1 <= LEN <= 65536, default 10240). There may be multiple -r switches on the command line. When a -r switch is specified, it takes effect on all following editing commands.
Insert file NAME before file N of the source tape.
Replace file N of the source tape with the file NAME.
-S N
Skip file N of the source tape.
Append the file NAME after all the files on the source tape have been copied to the destination tape.


dbtap(1), rawtap(1)
2017-10-15 simtools