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sedsed(1) Debugger and code formatter for sed scripts sedsed(1)


sedsed - debugger and code formatter for sed scripts


sedsed OPTION [-e sedscript] [-f sedscriptfile] [inputfile]


sedsed can debug, indent, tokenize and HTMLize sed scripts.

In debug mode, it reads the target script and adds extra commands to it. When executed it shows the data flow between the commands, revealing all the magic sed does on its internal buffers.

In indent mode, the script is reformatted with standard spacing.

In tokenize mode, it shows the elements of every command used.

In HTMLize mode, the script is converted to a beautiful colored HTML file, with all the commands and parameters identified for best viewing.


Add file contents to the commands to be parsed.
Add the script to the commands to be parsed.
Suppress automatic printing of pattern space.
Alias to --quiet.
Debug the sed script.
Hide some debug info (options: PATT, HOLD, COMM).
Shows debug output in colors (default: ON).
No colors on debug output.
Dumps to screen the debugged sed script.
Script beautifier, prints indented and one-command-per-line output do STDOUT.
Indent prefix string (default: 4 spaces).
Script tokenizer, prints extensive command by command information.
Converts sed script to a colorful HTML page.
Prints the program version and exit.
Prints this help message and exit.


sedsed was written by Aurelio Jargas <>.

This manual page was written by Marcos Talau <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

08 Dec 2021 sedsed-2.0.0