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rt-assets-import-csv(1) Request Tracker Reference rt-assets-import-csv(1)


rt-assets-import - import assets to rt


    rt-assets-import /path/to/assets.csv
    rt-assets-import --update /path/to/assets.csv


This script will import/update assets from a CSV into rt. See RT::Extension::Assets::Import::CSV for configuration.


"--config" file or "-c" file
Provides an explicit extra configuration file which is loaded before any other configuration files. This is useful to provide per-import "AssetsImportUniqueCF" and "AssetsImportFieldMapping" settings if you are importing from multiple sources with differing columns. If this option is used, should not contain a setting for "AssetsImportFieldMapping" -- otherwise the two hashes will be merged, which will produce unexpected behavior.
Without this option, existing assets (as determined by matching "AssetsImportUniqueCF" values) are left untouched. With this option provided, records will be updated based on their values in the CSV.
By default, assets without a "AssetsImportUniqueCF" values will produce a warning; with this flag, they will be inserted (generating their own id as needed) after all other operations.
"--mdy", "--dmy"
Force RT to parse dates as "mm/dd/yy" or "dd/mm/yy", respectively. In the absence of this option, RT will default to the "DateDayBeforeMonth" setting, which defaults to "dd/mm/yy".
Provide verbose output to STDERR during the import.
2023-02-25 perl v5.36.0