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rr-collect-symbols(1) User Commands rr-collect-symbols(1)


rr-collect-symbols - add symbols to rr traces


rr-collect-symbols <trace-dir> [<url> | <path>]


rr-collect-symbols merges symbols into an rr(1) trace.

The trace in trace-dir must be package, with rr pack, so all relevant files appear in the trace directory.

Symbols can be extracted from a ZIP file downloaded from url, or from a .build-id directory under path with the usual structure. path defaults to /usr/lib/debug, thus using any available system debuginfo files.

The extracted debuginfo files are stored in the trace under a debug subdirectory, in a .build-id directory with the usual structure.

If a debuginfo file contains a .gnu_debugaltlink section then the referenced file will also be copied, if it's available, with the same file name as the .debug file, but with a .sup suffix.


rr was written by Robert O'Callahan, Chris Jones, Nathan Froyd and others.

This manual page was adapted from the help output by Stephen Kitt <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was last modified for rr version 5.3.0.

May 2020 rr-collect-symbols - add symbols to rr traces