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ASSISTANT-QT4(1) General Commands Manual ASSISTANT-QT4(1)


assistant-qt4 - on-line documentation browser for Qt4


assistant [options]


This page documents the Qt Assistant from the Qt application framework, which is typically used to display the Qt Reference Documentation.


-collectionFile file
Uses the specified collection file instead of the default one.
-showUrl url
Shows the document with the url.
Enables Assistant to be remotely controlled.
-show widget
Shows the specified dockwidget which can be "contents", "index", "bookmarks" or "search".
-activate widget
Activates the specified dockwidget which can be "contents", "index", "bookmarks" or "search".
-hide widget
Hides the specified dockwidget which can be "contents", "index" "bookmarks" or "search".
-register helpFile
Registers the specified help file (.qch) in the given collection file.
-unregister helpFile
Unregisters the specified help file (.qch) from the give collection file.
-setCurrentFilter filter
Set the filter as the active filter.
Does not display any error or status message.
Displays a help message.




This manual page was written by Brian Nelson <> based on the output of assistant -help . Frederik Schwarzer <> updated it to Qt 4.5.2.
4.5.2 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies)