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QBS(1) User Commands QBS(1)


qbs - the Qbs build tool


qbs [command] [command parameters]


Qbs 1.12.3, a cross-platform build tool.

Built-in commands:

Build (parts of) a project. This is the default command.
Remove the files generated during a build.
Dumps the nodes in the build graph to stdout.
Generate project files for another build tool.
Show general or command-specific help.
Install (parts of) a project.
Lists all products in the project, including sub-projects.
Resolve a project without building it.
Run an executable generated by building a project.
Open a shell with a product's environment.
Print the Qbs version number to stdout.
Show the status of files in the project directory.
Mark the build as up to date.

Auxiliary commands:

This tool manages qbs settings.
This tool displays qbs settings in a GUI.
This tool creates a qbs project from an existing source tree.
This tool creates qbs profiles from Android SDK and NDK installations.
This tool creates qbs profiles from Qt versions.
This tool creates qbs profiles from toolchains.


For detailed help on a command, use the help command. For instance:

qbs help build

The full documentation for qbs is available at <>.

December 2018 qbs 1.12.3