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PYTHRAN(1) User Commands PYTHRAN(1)


pythran - part of pythran: ahead of time compiler for Python


usage: pythran [-h] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] [-P] [-E] [-e] [-v] [-w] [-V] [-p pass]

[-I include_dir] [-L ldflags] [-D macro_definition] [-U macro_definition] [--config config] input_file

pythran: a python to C++ compiler

positional arguments:

the pythran module to compile, either a .py or a .cpp file

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
path to generated file. Honors %{ext}.
only run the high-level optimizer, do not compile
only run the translator, do not compile
similar to -E, but does not generate python glue
be more verbose
be less verbose
show program's version number and exit
any pythran optimization to apply before code generation
any include dir relevant to the underlying C++ compiler
any search dir relevant to the linker
any macro definition relevant to the underlying C++ compiler
any macro undef relevant to the underlying C++ compiler
config additional params

It's a megablast!


pythran was primarily written by Serge Guelton.


This script is part of pythran. Full documentation for pythran can be
consulted at .

September 2021 pythran 0.10.0+ds