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pct2rgb(1) General Commands Manual pct2rgb(1)


pct2rgb - Convert an 8bit paletted image to 24bit RGB.

SYNOPSIS [-of format] [-b band] [-rgba] source_file dest_file


This utility will convert a pseudo-color band on the input file into an output RGB file of the desired format.

Select the output format. Starting with GDAL 2.3, if not specified, the format is guessed from the extension (previously was GTiff). Use the short format name
Band to convert to RGB, defaults to 1.
Generate a RGBA file (instead of a RGB file by default).
The input file.
The output RGB file that will be created.

NOTE: is a Python script, and will only work if GDAL was built with Python support.

The new '-expand rgb|rgba' option of gdal_translate obsoletes that utility.


Frank Warmerdam, Silke Reimer

Sun Aug 11 2019 GDAL