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MARKDOWN_PY(1) General Commands Manual MARKDOWN_PY(1)


markdown_py - a Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.


markdown_py [options] [INPUT_FILE]

(STDIN is assumed if no INPUT_FILE is given)


Command-line Markdown compiler based on python-markdown module, with extensions support.

Deprecated! Use python3 -m markdown instead, which accepts the same options.


Show program's version number and exit.
Show the help message and exit.
Write output to OUTPUT_FILE. Defaults to STDOUT.
Encoding for input and output files.
Use output format ´xhtml´ (default) or ´html´.
Observe number of first item of ordered lists.
Load extension EXTENSION.
Read extension configurations from CONFIG_FILE. CONFIG_FILE must be of JSON or YAML format. YAML format requires python-yaml package to be installed. The parsed JSON or YAML must result in a Python dictionary which would be accepted by the ´extension_configs´ keyword on the markdown.Markdown class. The extensions must also be loaded with the --extension option.
Suppress all warnings.
Print all warnings.
Print debug messages.