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PYUIC4(1) General Commands Manual PYUIC4(1)


pyuic4 - compile Qt4 user interfaces to Python code


pyuic4 [OPTION]... FILE


pyuic4 takes a Qt4 user interface description file and compiles it to Python code. It can also show a preview of the user interface.


Show a summary of the options.
Display the version number of pyuic4 of the version of Qt which PyQt4 was generated for.
Show a preview of the UI instead of generating Python code.
Write the generated Python code to FILE instead of stdout.
Show detailed debugging information about the UI generation process.
Generate extra code to test and display the class when executed as a script.
Set the indentation width to NUM spaces. A TAB character will be used if NUM is 0 (default: 4).


This manual page was written for Debian GNU/Linux by Torsten Marek <>, but may freely be used by others.

2007/07/31 pyuic 4.3