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PYRCC4(1) General Commands Manual PYRCC4(1)


pyrcc4 - compile Qt resource files for PyQt4 applications


pyrcc4 [OPTIONS]... FILES


pyrcc4 takes a Qt Resource File (.qrc) and converts it into a Python module which can be imported into a PyQt4 application. All files loaded by Qt that are prefixed with a colon will be loaded from the resources rather than the file system.


Show a summary of the options.
Display the version number of pyrcc4 of the version of Qt which PyQt4 was generated for.
Generate code for any Python v2.x version (default).
Generate code for any Python v3.x version.
Write the generated output to FILE instead of stdout.
Create an external initialization function named FUN.
Set the threshold above which files should be compressed.
Set the compression level for all input files.
Search all resource referenced in a .qrc file under PATH.
Do not compress the resource files at all.


This manual page was written for Debian GNU/Linux by and Torsten Marek <>, but may freely be used by others.

2007/07/31 pyrcc 4.3