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esdcompat(1) General Commands Manual esdcompat(1)


esdcompat - PulseAudio ESD wrapper script


esdcompat [options]

esdcompat --help

esdcompat --version


esdcompat is a compatibility script that takes the same arguments as the ESD sound daemon esd(1), but uses them to start a the PulseAudio sound server with the appropriate parameters. It is required to make PulseAudio a drop-in replacement for esd, i.e. it can be used to make gnome-session(1) start up PulseAudio instead of esd.

It is recommended to make esd a symbolic link to this script.


Show help.
Show version information.
These options understood by the original esd are ignored by esdcompat.
These internally used options understood by the original esd are properly handled by esdcompat, however are not to be used manually.


The PulseAudio Developers <pulseaudio-discuss (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; PulseAudio is available from


pulseaudio(1), esd(1)

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