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POSTGRESQLRC(5) Debian PostgreSQL infrastructure POSTGRESQLRC(5)


~/.postgresqlrc - Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration


The file ~/.postgresqlrc configures the default PostgreSQL version/cluster and the default database for an user. If it is not present, the system-wide file /etc/postgresql-common/user_clusters is used instead.


Comments are introduced by the character #. Comments may follow data on a line; the first comment character terminates the data. Leading whitespace and blank lines are ignored.

The first uncommented, non-blank line is used, all following lines are ignored.

Fields must be given in the following order, separated by white space:

The major PostgreSQL version of the cluster to connect to.
The name of a cluster to connect to. A remote cluster is specified with host:port. If port is empty, it defaults to 5432.
Within the cluster, the database to which the user will connect by default if he does not specify a database on the command line. If this is *, the default database will be the one named by the user's login id.


pg_wrapper(1), user_clusters(5)

Feburary 2005 Debian