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podman-machine(1) General Commands Manual podman-machine(1)


podman-machine - Manage Podman's virtual machine


podman machine subcommand


podman machine is a set of subcommands that manage Podman's virtual machine.

Podman on MacOS and Windows requires a virtual machine. This is because containers are Linux - containers do not run on any other OS because containers' core functionality are tied to the Linux kernel. Podman machine must be used to manage MacOS and Windows machines, but can be optionally used on Linux.

All podman machine commands are rootless only.

NOTE: The podman-machine configuration file is managed under the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/containers/podman/machine/ directory. Changing the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable while the machines are running can lead to unexpected behavior.


Command Man Page Description
info podman-machine-info(1) Display machine host info
init podman-machine-init(1) Initialize a new virtual machine
inspect podman-machine-inspect(1) Inspect one or more virtual machines
list podman-machine-list(1) List virtual machines
os podman-machine-os(1) Manage a Podman virtual machine's OS
reset podman-machine-reset(1) Reset Podman machines and environment
rm podman-machine-rm(1) Remove a virtual machine
set podman-machine-set(1) Set a virtual machine setting
ssh podman-machine-ssh(1) SSH into a virtual machine
start podman-machine-start(1) Start a virtual machine
stop podman-machine-stop(1) Stop a virtual machine


podman(1), podman-machine-info(1), podman-machine-init(1), podman-machine-list(1), podman-machine-os(1), podman-machine-rm(1), podman-machine-ssh(1), podman-machine-start(1), podman-machine-stop(1), podman-machine-inspect(1), podman-machine-reset(1)


March 2021, Originally compiled by Ashley Cui ⟨⟩