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podman-volume-import(1) General Commands Manual podman-volume-import(1)


podman-volume-import - Import tarball contents into an existing podman volume


podman volume import volume [source]


podman volume import imports the contents of a tarball into the podman volume's mount point. The contents of the volume will be merged with the content of the tarball with the latter taking precedence. podman volume import can consume piped input when using - as source path.

The given volume must already exist and will not be created by podman volume import.

Note: Following command is not supported by podman-remote.


Print usage statement


$ gunzip -c hello.tar.gz | podman volume import myvol -

$ podman volume import myvol test.tar

$ podman volume export myvol | podman volume import oldmyvol -


podman(1), podman-volume(1), podman-volume-export(1)