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podman-save(1) General Commands Manual podman-save(1)


podman-save - Save image(s) to an archive


podman save [options] name[:tag]

podman image save [options] name[:tag]


podman save saves an image to a local file or directory. podman save writes to STDOUT by default and can be redirected to a file using the output flag. The quiet flag suppresses the output when set. podman save will save parent layers of the image(s) and the image(s) can be loaded using podman load. To export the containers, use the podman export. Note: : is a restricted character and cannot be part of the file name.


podman save [GLOBAL OPTIONS]

podman save [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG]



Compress tarball image layers when pushing to a directory using the 'dir' transport. (default is same compression type, compressed or uncompressed, as source) Note: This flag can only be set with --format=docker-dir.


An image format to produce, one of:

Format Description
docker-archive A tar archive interoperable with docker load(1) (the default)
oci-archive A tar archive using the OCI Image Format
oci-dir A directory using the OCI Image Format
docker-dir dir transport (see containers-transports(5)) with v2s2 manifest type

--help, -h

Print usage statement

--multi-image-archive, -m

Allow for creating archives with more than one image. Additional names will be interpreted as images instead of tags. Only supported for --format=docker-archive. The default for this option can be modified via the multi_image_archive="true"|"false" flag in containers.conf.

--output, -o=file

Write to a file, default is STDOUT

--quiet, -q

Suppress the output


Accept uncompressed layers when using one of the OCI formats.


$ podman save --quiet -o alpine.tar alpine:2.6

$ podman save > alpine-all.tar alpine

$ podman save -o oci-alpine.tar --format oci-archive alpine

$ podman save --compress --format oci-dir -o alp-dir alpine
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:2fdfe1cd78c20d05774f0919be19bc1a3e4729bce219968e4188e7e0f1af679d

1.97 MB / 1.97 MB [========================================================] 0s Copying config sha256:501d1a8f0487e93128df34ea349795bc324d5e0c0d5112e08386a9dfaff620be
584 B / 584 B [============================================================] 0s Writing manifest to image destination Storing signatures

$ podman save --format docker-dir -o ubuntu-dir ubuntu
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:660c48dd555dcbfdfe19c80a30f557ac57a15f595250e67bfad1e5663c1725bb

45.55 MB / 45.55 MB [======================================================] 8s Copying blob sha256:4c7380416e7816a5ab1f840482c9c3ca8de58c6f3ee7f95e55ad299abbfe599f
846 B / 846 B [============================================================] 0s Copying blob sha256:421e436b5f80d876128b74139531693be9b4e59e4f1081c9a3c379c95094e375
620 B / 620 B [============================================================] 0s Copying blob sha256:e4ce6c3651b3a090bb43688f512f687ea6e3e533132bcbc4a83fb97e7046cea3
849 B / 849 B [============================================================] 0s Copying blob sha256:be588e74bd348ce48bb7161350f4b9d783c331f37a853a80b0b4abc0a33c569e
169 B / 169 B [============================================================] 0s Copying config sha256:20c44cd7596ff4807aef84273c99588d22749e2a7e15a7545ac96347baa65eda
3.53 KB / 3.53 KB [========================================================] 0s Writing manifest to image destination Storing signatures


podman(1), podman-load(1), containers.conf(5), containers-transports(5)


July 2017, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani ⟨⟩