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podman-network-create(1)() podman-network-create(1)()


podman-network-create - Create a Podman CNI network


podman network create [options] name


Create a CNI-network configuration for use with Podman. By default, Podman creates a bridge connection. A Macvlan connection can be created with the -d macvlan option. A parent device for macvlan can be designated with the -o parent= option. In the case of Macvlan connections, the CNI dhcp plugin needs to be activated or the container image must have a DHCP client to interact with the host network's DHCP server.

If no options are provided, Podman will assign a free subnet and name for your network.

Upon completion of creating the network, Podman will display the path to the newly added network file.



Disables the DNS plugin for this network which if enabled, can perform container to container name resolution.

--driver, -d

Driver to manage the network (default "bridge"). Currently only bridge is supported.

--opt=option, -o

Set driver specific options.

For the bridge driver the following options are supported: mtu and vlan. The mtu option sets the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) and takes an integer value. The vlan option assign VLAN tag and enables vlan_filtering. Defaults to none.


Define a gateway for the subnet. If you want to provide a gateway address, you must also provide a subnet option.


Restrict external access of this network. Note when using this option, the dnsname plugin will be automatically disabled.


Allocate container IP from a range. The range must be a complete subnet and in CIDR notation. The ip-range option must be used with a subnet option.


Set metadata for a network (e.g., --label mykey=value).


This option is being deprecated

Create a Macvlan based connection rather than a classic bridge. You must pass an interface name from the host for the Macvlan connection.


The subnet in CIDR notation.


Enable IPv6 (Dual Stack) networking. You must pass a IPv6 subnet. The subnet option must be used with the ipv6 option.


Create a network with no options

# podman network create

Create a network named newnet that uses for its subnet.

# podman network create --subnet newnet

Create an IPv6 network named newnetv6, you must specify the subnet for this network, otherwise the command will fail. For this example, we use 2001:db8::/64 for its subnet.

# podman network create --subnet 2001:db8::/64 --ipv6 newnetv6

Create a network named newnet that uses and defines a gateway as

# podman network create --subnet --gateway newnet

Create a network that uses a *** subnet and has an IP address range of -

# podman network create --subnet --ip-range

Create a Macvlan based network using the host interface eth0

# podman network create -d macvlan -o parent=eth0 newnet


podman(1), podman-network(1), podman-network-inspect(1)


August 2019, Originally compiled by Brent Baude ⟨⟩