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podman-container(1) General Commands Manual podman-container(1)


podman-container - Manage containers


podman container subcommand


The container command allows you to manage containers


Command Man Page Description
attach podman-attach(1) Attach to a running container.
checkpoint podman-container-checkpoint(1) Checkpoints one or more running containers.
cleanup podman-container-cleanup(1) Clean up the container's network and mountpoints.
clone podman-container-clone(1) Creates a copy of an existing container.
commit podman-commit(1) Create new image based on the changed container.
cp podman-cp(1) Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem.
create podman-create(1) Create a new container.
diff podman-container-diff(1) Inspect changes on a container's filesystem
exec podman-exec(1) Execute a command in a running container.
exists podman-container-exists(1) Check if a container exists in local storage
export podman-export(1) Export a container's filesystem contents as a tar archive.
init podman-init(1) Initialize a container
inspect podman-container-inspect(1) Display a container's configuration.
kill podman-kill(1) Kill the main process in one or more containers.
list podman-ps(1) List the containers on the system.(alias ls)
logs podman-logs(1) Display the logs of a container.
mount podman-mount(1) Mount a working container's root filesystem.
pause podman-pause(1) Pause one or more containers.
port podman-port(1) List port mappings for the container.
prune podman-container-prune(1) Remove all stopped containers from local storage.
ps podman-ps(1) Prints out information about containers.
rename podman-rename(1) Rename an existing container.
restart podman-restart(1) Restart one or more containers.
restore podman-container-restore(1) Restores one or more containers from a checkpoint.
rm podman-rm(1) Remove one or more containers.
run podman-run(1) Run a command in a container.
runlabel podman-container-runlabel(1) Executes a command as described by a container-image label.
start podman-start(1) Starts one or more containers.
stats podman-stats(1) Display a live stream of one or more container's resource usage statistics.
stop podman-stop(1) Stop one or more running containers.
top podman-top(1) Display the running processes of a container.
unmount podman-unmount(1) Unmount a working container's root filesystem.(Alias unmount)
unpause podman-unpause(1) Unpause one or more containers.
update podman-update(1) Updates the cgroup configuration of a given container.
wait podman-wait(1) Wait on one or more containers to stop and print their exit codes.


podman(1), podman-exec(1), podman-run(1)