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VOBJECT(1) User Commands VOBJECT(1)


vobject - sabre/vobject command line interface


vobject [options] command [arguments]


Don't output anything.
Display this help message.
Convert to a specific format. Must be one of: vcard, vcard21,
Makes the parser less strict. vcard30, vcard40, icalendar20, jcal, jcard, json, mimedir.
If the input format cannot be guessed from the extension, it must be specified here.
json pretty-print.


Validates a file for correctness.
Repairs a file.
Converts a file.
Colorize a file, useful for debbugging.

If source_file is set as '-', STDIN will be used. If output_file is omitted, STDOUT will be used. All other output is sent to STDERR.


vobject convert contact.vcf contact.json
vobject convert --format=vcard40 old.vcf new.vcf
vobject convert --inputformat=json --format=mimedir - -
vobject color calendar.ics

April 2016 vobject 4.1.0