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GPASSWD(1) Commandes utilisateur GPASSWD(1)


gpasswd - administer /etc/group and /etc/gshadow


gpasswd [option] groupe


The gpasswd command is used to administer /etc/group, and /etc/gshadow. Every group can have administrators, members and a password.

System administrators can use the -A option to define group administrator(s) and the -M option to define members. They have all rights of group administrators and members.

gpasswd called by a group administrator with a group name only prompts for the new password of the group.

If a password is set the members can still use newgrp(1) without a password, and non-members must supply the password.

Notes sur les mots de passe de groupe

Les mots de passe de groupe représentent naturellement un risque en matière de sécurité, puisque plusieurs personnes ont connaissance du mot de passe. Cependant, les groupes sont utiles pour permettre la coopération entre différents utilisateurs.


Except for the -A and -M options, the options cannot be combined.

The options which apply to the gpasswd command are:

-a, --add user

Add the user to the named group.

-d, --delete user

Remove the user from the named group.

-h, --help

Afficher un message d'aide et quitter.

-Q, --root CHROOT_DIR

Apply changes in the CHROOT_DIR directory and use the configuration files from the CHROOT_DIR directory.

-r, --remove-password

Remove the password from the named group. The group password will be empty. Only group members will be allowed to use newgrp to join the named group.

-R, --restrict

Restrict the access to the named group. The group password is set to "!". Only group members with a password will be allowed to use newgrp to join the named group.

-A, --administrators user,...

Configurer la liste des administrateurs.

-M, --members user,...

Configurer la liste des membres du groupe.


This tool only operates on the /etc/group and /etc/gshadow files. Thus you cannot change any NIS or LDAP group. This must be performed on the corresponding server.


The following configuration variables in /etc/login.defs change the behavior of this tool:



Informations sur les groupes.


Informations sécurisées sur les groupes.


newgrp(1), groupadd(8), groupdel(8), groupmod(8), grpck(8), group(5), gshadow(5).

22/01/2022 shadow-utils 4.11.1