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ots(1) Summarizes Texts ots(1)


ots - Open Text Summarizer


ots [OPTIONS] [file.txt | stdin]


The Open Text Summarizer is an open source tool for summarizing texts. The program reads a text and decides which sentences are important and which are not. OTS will create a short summary or will highlight the main ideas in the text.

OTS is both a library and a command line tool. Word processors such as AbiWord and KWord can link to the library and summarize documents while the command line tool lets you summarize text on the console. The program can either print the summarized text as text or HTML. If in HTML, the important sentences are highlighted.


-?, --help
Show help options.
Show version information.
Summarization INT % [default = 20%].
Output FILE [default = stdout].
Only output the summary.
Output as html.


Summarize the article from the Sacramento Bee and highlight the 20% of sentences most important to the content of the article:

$ ots --ratio 20 --html articles/sacbee1.txt
Print sentences most important of the article:

$ ots -a big_article.txt


ots was written by Nadav Rotem <>.

This manual page was written by Luis Paulo Linares <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

2020-07-10 ots-1.0