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osm2pgrouting(1) osm2pgrouting(1)


osm2pgrouting - import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting database


-f file [OPTIONS]


osm2pgrouting is a command line tool that makes it easy to import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting database. It builds the routing network topology automatically and creates tables for feature types and road classes.


Produce help message for this version
-v, --version
Print version string


-f file, --file file
Name of the OSM file (Required).
-c file, --conf file
Name of the configuration XML file. (default: /usr/share/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig.xml)
--schema schema
Database schema to put tables. blank: defaults to default schema dictated by PostgreSQL search_path.
--prefix prefix
Prefix added at the beginning of the table names.
--suffix suffix
Suffix added at the end of the table names.
Import the osm_nodes table.
Drop previously created tables.

Database options:

-d name, --dbname name
Name of your database (Required).
-U name, --username name
Name of the user, which have write access to the database. (default: postgres)
-h host, --host host
Host of your PostgreSQL database. (default: localhost)
-p port, --port port
Port of your database. (default: 5432)
-W password, --password password
Password for database access.
05 June 2021