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Obj.Ephemeron(3o) OCaml library Obj.Ephemeron(3o)


Obj.Ephemeron - no description


Module Obj.Ephemeron


Module Ephemeron
: sig end

Ephemeron with arbitrary arity and untyped

type obj_t = Obj.t

alias for Obj.t

type t

an ephemeron cf Obj.Ephemeron

val create : int -> t

create n returns an ephemeron with n keys. All the keys and the data are initially empty. The argument n must be between zero and Obj.Ephemeron.max_ephe_length (limits included).

val length : t -> int

return the number of keys

val get_key : t -> int -> obj_t option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_key

val get_key_copy : t -> int -> obj_t option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_key_copy

val set_key : t -> int -> obj_t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.set_key

val unset_key : t -> int -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.unset_key

val check_key : t -> int -> bool

Same as Ephemeron.K1.check_key

val blit_key : t -> int -> t -> int -> int -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.blit_key

val get_data : t -> obj_t option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_data

val get_data_copy : t -> obj_t option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_data_copy

val set_data : t -> obj_t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.set_data

val unset_data : t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.unset_data

val check_data : t -> bool

Same as Ephemeron.K1.check_data

val blit_data : t -> t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.blit_data

val max_ephe_length : int

Maximum length of an ephemeron, ie the maximum number of keys an ephemeron could contain

2023-09-18 OCamldoc