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NSIS(1) makensis manual NSIS(1)


makensis - A program to create Windows installers.


makensis [script.nsi] [-CMDHELP item] [-HDRINFO] [-LICENSE] [-VERSION] [-Vx] [-WX] [-Ofile] [-PAUSE] [-NOCONFIG] [-NOCD] [-INPUTCHARSET charset] [-PPO] [-SAFEPPO] [-Ddefine= value] [-X scriptcmd]


This manual page documents briefly the makensis command.

This manual page was written for the Debian (TM) distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. Instead, it has documentation in the HTML format; see below.

makensis is a program that creates installer programs for Windows.


Parameters are processed by order (-Ddef ins.nsi != ins.nsi -Ddef) for script file name, you can use - to read from the standard input. For a complete description, see the HTML files.


Verbosity where x is 4=all, 3=no script, 2=no info, 1=no warnings, 0=none.


Treat warnings as errors


Specifies a text file to log compiler output (default is stdout).


Pauses after execution.


Disables inclusion of /etc/nsisconf.nsh.


Disable changing the current directory to that of the .nsi file.


Specifies a specific codepage for files without a BOM. The following choice of charsets is supported: <ACP|OEM|CP#|UTF8|UTF16<LE|BE>>


Run only the preprocessor and print the result to stdout.


Same as -PPO but instructions like !appendfile or !system are not executed.


Defines the symbol "define" for the script to [value].


Executes scriptcmd in the script (i.e. "-XOutFile poop.exe")


Prints out help for 'item', or lists all commands.


Prints information about what options makensis was compiled with.


Prints the makensis software license.


Prints the makensis version and exits.


System wide configuration file.


Per-user configuration file.


NSIS is documented more fully in the HTML files in /usr/share/doc/nsis/Docs.


Paul Wise <>
This manual page was written initially by Paul Wise <> for the Debian (TM) system.

Thomas Gaugler

updated the man page to reflect changes introduced with version 3.0.


Copyright © 2005-2016 Paul Wise, Thomas Gaugler
August 13, 2016 makensis manual