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npm-fund - Retrieve funding information


    npm fund [<pkg>]


This command retrieves information on how to fund the dependencies of a given project. If no package name is provided, it will list all dependencies that are looking for funding in a tree-structure in which are listed the type of funding and the url to visit. If a package name is provided then it tries to open its funding url using the --browser config param.

The list will avoid duplicated entries and will stack all packages that share the same type/url as a single entry. Given this nature the list is not going to have the same shape of the output from npm ls.



  • Default: OS X: "open", Windows: "start", Others: "xdg-open"
  • Type: String

The browser that is called by the npm fund command to open websites.


  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Show information in JSON format.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Whether to represent the tree structure using unicode characters. Set it to false in order to use all-ansi output.

See Also

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January 2020