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notcurses-view(1) notcurses-view(1)


notcurses-view - Render images and video to a terminal


notcurses-view [-h] [-q] [-d delaymult] [-l loglevel] [-s scalemode] [-k] [-L] files


notcurses-view uses a multimedia-enabled notcurses to render images and videos to a terminal. By default, stretch-type scaling is used to fill the rendering area, and the sexblitter blitter is used for a 3x2→1 mapping from pixels to cells.


-d delaymult: Apply a rational multiplier to the framerate.

-l loglevel: Log everything (high log level) or nothing (log level 0) to stderr.

-s scalemode: Scaling mode, one of none, scale, or stretch.

-b blitter: Blitter, one of ascii, halfblocks, quadblitter, sexblitter, or braille.

-m margins: Define rendering margins (see below).

-L: Loop frames until a key is pressed.

-k: Inhibit use of the alternate screen. Necessary if you want the output left on your terminal after the program exits.

-q: Don’t print frame/timing information along the top of the screen.

-h: Print help information, and exit with success.

files: Select which files to render, and what order to render them in.

Default margins are all 0 and default scaling is stretch. The full rendering area will thus be used. Using -m, margins can be supplied. Provide a single number to set all four margins to the same value, or four comma-delimited values for the top, right, bottom, and left margins respectively. Negative margins are illegal.

Scaling mode stretch resizes the object to match the target rendering area exactly. scale resizes the object so that the longer edge of the rendering area is matched exactly, and the other edge is changed to maintain aspect ratio. none uses the original image size.

Blitters can be selected by pressing `0' through `8'. NCBLIT_DEFAULT corresponds to `0'. The various blitters are described in notcurses_visual.

A video can be paused with space. Press space (or any other valid control) to resume.


Optimal display requires a terminal advertising the rgb terminfo(5) capability, or that the environment variable COLORTERM is defined to 24bit (and that the terminal honors this variable), along with a fixed-width font with good coverage of the Unicode Block Drawing Characters.


notcurses(3), notcurses_visual(3), terminfo(5), unicode(7)


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