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NORMALIZ(1) Normaliz Project NORMALIZ(1)


Normaliz - tool for computations in affine monoids, vector configurations, lattice polytopes, and rational cones.


normaliz [options] PROJECT


runs normaliz on


compute sublattice
compute support hyperplanes
compute triangulation
compute multiplicity
compute volume
compute volume by decent in the face lattice
compute Hilbert basis and multiplicity (needs full triangulation)
compute Hilbert basis (with partial triangulation)
check for integrally closed and compute witness if not
compute Hilbert (quasi-)polynomial
compute Hilbert (quasi-)polynomial and degree 1 elements
compute Hilbert basis and Hilbert polynomial (default)
compute degree 1 elements
compute Stanley decomposition (output in file .dec)
compute class group (default)
compute triangulation (output in file .tri)
compute cone decomposition (includes -T)
compute integer hull
compute module generators over original monoid
compute weighted Ehrhart series
compute virtual multiplicity of weighted Ehrhart series
compute integral
check Gorenstein
computation mode: dual
computation mode: primal
computation mode: project-and-lift
computation mode: project-and-lift with floating point arithmetic
computation mode: approximate
computation mode: bottom decomposition
computation mode: no bottom decomposition
computation mode: keep order
computation mode: symmetrization
compute the ConeProperty <PROP>
write the files .out .gen .inv .cst
write all output files (except .dec .tri .typ)
write the file .<SUFFIX> where <SUFFIX> can be one of cst, egn, esp, ext, gen, ht1, inv, lat, mod, msp, typ
directly use indefinite precision arithmetic
only use long long arithmetic, no conversion possible
ignore the compute options set in the input file
limit the number of threads to <T>

--OutputDir=<path> set a path for the output files (relative to current directory)

-?, --help
print this help text and exit
verbose (prints control data)
print version info and exit

Please report bugs to <> or directly to our issue tracker:


Winfried Bruns, Bogdan Ichim, Tim Romer, Christof Soeger


Copyright (C) 2007-2015 Winfried Bruns, Bogdan Ichim, Christof Soeger

Copyright © 2007-2018 The Normaliz Team, University of Osnabrueck. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; See COPYING for details.

June 2019 Normaliz (Debian 3.7.1+ds-2)